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Dealers earn 15% commission on Plans which is the highest Pin Discount in the Industry.

No Start Up Fees. Free Marketing Kit Provided including Posters, Brochures, and countertop mat.

100% Instant Spiff for the First Month on Monthly Plans.

5% Follow Me Residual – Earn credits on Renewals you activate that renew elsewhere.

10% Commission using our Autopay Feature.

Easy to use Dealer Portal – One Portal to Activate, Port, Change Esn, Change MDN, and Add Pins.

We have the Best Customer Service & Dealer Support in Industry based in the US.

Selectel Service is carried over the Nations Largest and Most Reliable CDMA Wireless Network.

Selectel has enhanced plans for only $5 more per month that include domestic roaming (postpaid coverage) and direct dial calls to Mexico and Canada (no need to dial an access code).

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