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Get awesome rewards such as free coupons, swag, or discounts by completing simple, easy & fun tasks!

What is this?

The "bounty program" is designed for our customers and users to get rewards for helping Selectel Wireless.

Complete any of the published tasks or send us something that you've come up with on your own to get special discounts, swag, coupons, and more...everyone loves free stuff!

What we'll be looking for are real, quality reviews, videos, articles, Social Media posts and written tutorials about our products and services.

How does it work?

Complete any of the published tasks below or send us something that you've come up with on your own! We'd like to see what you can do.

Send us the link of your submission, proof that you're the author & any other info that may fit.

Our team will verify and evaluate your submission, after that, we will reply to you and send you your reward!


Below is a list of general tasks that we're looking for, however feel free to come up with something cool on your own! In case you have published something already - you can claim your reward here.

Video Reviews & Opinions

Reward: Get anywhere between $20-$100 in store credit. Spend it on monthly service plans, accessories or contact us for more options.

Task Description:We would like to see more video reviews about Selectel Wireless. We’ll not claim any copyrights, we just want our users to engage and talk about our services!

What we are looking for are high-quality videos – better quality will give better reward. 

Your video should be published on any video sharing platform and be accessible for everyone.

Multipliers: To get a bigger reward:
⦁ Bigger Channel or social media following.
⦁ Higher video production quality.
⦁ How well it fits into the context.

Review us on Google & Facebook

Reward: Get anywhere between $5-$50 in store credit. Spend it on monthly service plans, accessories or gift it!

Task Description: The more reviews are out there – the better it is for our publicity. Search for Selectel Wireless on Google and Facebook and give us a review including a link to our website(

If the review requires us to submit a profile submit it here. After that, leave a review whenever you feel like it and get rewarded. In case it is possible to mention us without asking us to register – make sure that your review includes a link to our website.

Multipliers:The task is very straightforward, but we’ll look at this criteria when we decide how big of a reward you’ll get:

⦁ Review length
⦁ Review quality
⦁ Review depth 

Share us on Social Media


Reward: Quick and easy! Get a promo code for up to $25 for any of our services!


Task Description:

Share on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything else that’s popular around you.

Be creative. Share something about Selectel Wireless on any social media platform.


We’ll be looking for:

⦁ Your account following/amount of friends in your network

⦁ Overall perception of your

⦁ Your Creativity


Came up with something cool that you yourself are good at? Have already published something? Submit your entries here.

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